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about kathy

Musician: plays bass and viola. aspires to play accordion.

Artist: Computer Art

• CD covers and promotional material for independent musicians and record labels, schools, churches, concert series, small businesses, etc.

• Interesting misc. cool projects, like unique invitations, t-shirts...

• Art for art's sake (like the paintings on our sunroom ceiling and bathroom floor).



in a Nutshell


Background :

Kathy was born into a big wonderful family of classical musicians, and grew up singing/performing with them. Her formative years were spent in Oklahoma, junior high in Texas, and high school in New Jersey. After several colleges in as many years, she graduated from University of Colorado at Denver on a Gannett Broadcasting Media Scholarship (thank you) with a B.S. in Music: Scoring and Arranging. She studied computer art and animation in the '90s.

Foreground :

Kathy now combines her love of music and art by designing CD covers for musicians and independent recording labels, and produces support materials for musicians, artists, craftsmen, educators, etc.

(Vic Schermer's interview with kathy on AllAboutJazz.com)

(Curt Yeske's article in the Times)



DISCOGRAPHY of Kathy's CD Designs:

(alphabetical by artist/band; if you have a link, let me know...)


on the Dreambox Media Label:

The Antfarm Quartet: The Antfarm Quartet

Brian Betz: Without a Doubt

Leslie Burrs: Impressions of Another You

Leslie Burrs: Blue Harlem, Black Knight

Suzanne Cloud: Looking Back

Denis DiBlasio: Perpetual Baggage Claim

Denis DiBlasio: Rhino

Denis DiBlasio: Reflections of Childhood/Duets

Eddie Green : Shades of Green

Darryl Hall: Subtle Touch

Wendell Hobbs: Eastern Standard Time

Miss Justine: The Many Moods of Miss Justine

Ron Kerber: Round in Circles

Tom Lawton: Retrospective/Debut

Jim Miller: Miller Time - If It's Not One Thing...

Monkadelphia: Monkadelphia

John Pastin: Potenza

Jim Ridl:  jim ridl's door in a field

Jim Ridl: The Jim Ridl Trio LIVE

Jim Ridl: Blues Liberations

Gina Roche: Dawning of a New Way

Rowan University Percussion Ensemble

Rowan University Percussion Ensemble: Celebration Suite

Rowan University Percussion Ensemble: Stained Glass

Rowan University Percussion Ensemble: Nosferatu

Rowan Univ. Lab Band: Collaboration

Rowan Univ. Jazz Band & Faculty: Live: Tribute to Buddy Rich

Lawrence J. Stewart: Bassoon Audition Solos

JD Walter: Sirens in the C-House

JD Walter: 2 Bass, a Face and Some Skin

on Hipnotic Records:

Orrin Evans: Seed (with Imani Records)

Matthew Parrish: Circles

Jeff Ray: The Walk-Up

on Imani Records:

Imani Records Sampler

Orrin Evans and The Band: Live at Widener University

Orrin Evans: Deja Vu

on Muse Records:

Pat Martino: Interchange (photography)

Pat Martino: Night Wings (artwork)

on the Synergy Music label:

Jim Ridl: five minutes to madness and joy

with R&L Records:

Peter Paulsen Quintet: Three-Stranded Cord (layout)

on Vectordisc Records:

Ron Thomas: Scenes from a Voyage to Arcturus

on Windfall Records:

Jim Love & The Blue Groove: Gather 'Round


Independent releases:

Paul Spencer Adkins: How Can I Keep From Singing?

Brian Betz: Up and Running

Kolleen Bowers: The Veil

Brad Kemp : b-radius

Brooks-Lytle: His Ways

Robert Brosch: Microcosmos

Rosie Carlino : So In Love With You

Groove Apparatus: The Enlightened Ones

Robert H. Henderson: RH Positive

Johnny Roy & The RubTones: Call Johnny Roy!

Manhattan Saxophone Ensemble: The Dogwalk

Pat Martino: Seven Sketches (1987-1998)

Joseph Mayes: The Schoole of Musicke

Joseph Mayes: Parlour Gems

Gay Pearson: Alone, Independent and Unresolved

Gay Pearson: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve, 1999.987654321.?

Gay Pearson: Nature Girl

Nassau Presbyterian Children's Choirs: Oh, What a Wonderful Gift!

Nassau Presbyterian Choirs with Dave Brubeck: Hold Fast to Dreams

Jane Norman: Madly In Love

Jane Norman: Music For Pet Lovers Series (4 cds)

Quick Peak: Silverlining

Quick Silver Jazz: QuickSilver Jazz

David Bennett Thomas: The Music of David Bennett Thomas - Vol. One

Sunny Wilkinson: A Quiet Time (promo)

The Shambells: Exit wounds

Nina Bundy: SImply Natural

Tom Smialek: The Saxophone Craze

Springfield High School Orchestra: That We Might Live

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