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the mega list

Here is a basic list of information listed on many CDs. You don’t have to list all of this stuff, and you may want to list stuff that is not on this list. Just a place to start the process...



title of the CD
how you want your name listed, or the name of your band or ensemble
musicians’ names and their instruments
what songs they play on, if applicable
indications of solos on individual tunes (if applicable or desired)
if you or any of the musicians have endorsements (like mouthpieces, strings, cymbals, etc.)
if any musician appears courtesy of another recording label
if the musicians names are to be included on front cover, traycard or inside
photos or artwork, if supplied


date(s) recorded
name of the studio(s), city and state
who engineered
who mixed
who mastered
photographer’s or artist’s name
graphics credits
other tech info (professional acknowledgements, piano tuner, caterer [uh-huh])


composer/ lyricist
arranger on specific tunes or arranger of all
times of each song (ie: 4:12)
lyrics, if you want them printed
total recording time
copyright info per song (who owns the tune/lyrics)
publisher of each song
ASCAP/BMI, etc. affiliation of each song
original songs: your own copyright/publishing info
special solos or creative credits on specific tunes*


record label name and address
distributor information (where people can get your CD)
catalog # (release # from the label or your own...like ABC-1111)
website address and email info, if applicable
phono copyright info on recording (who owns the recording?)


liner notes
thank you’s and acknowledgements
bar code number (usually you get this thru the label or thru your CD manufacturer)

who will manufacture? (I’ll need contact to get specs, etc.)

*(if you are producing a classical recording, the text requirements are a little different, and usually include program/liner notes on the pieces, composers, bios on performers, etc.)

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